Fragmented Perception

Dr. Michael LaitmanKabbalah explains that in the beginning only desire was created, and it was filled with pleasure, the Light. Then, to make the foundation for the future human, this desire was broken into pieces. It remained the same desire but was shattered into numerous fragments, not resembling each other at all. These parts are completely different and do not perceive themselves as being together, do not feel each other. What one wants is not understandable to the other.

The first state is called “the world of Infinity” (∞), and the second, “the breaking of the vessels.” As a result, we have seven billion scattered, broken pieces. On the drawing, they are close together, but in reality, they are internally divided, separated by such walls that they cannot tolerate each other. Everyone feels only oneself, thinks only about oneself, and nobody remembers that once they were one single desire. These are us in our world, in division, to which we were intentionally brought.

The vessels that used to be one whole are completely alienated from each other; they do not even touch each other in their sensations. One of them is me, and the other is you. And if we want to form a soul between us (it is built exactly between us), we must create resistance (R) in the middle.

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Why is it needed? The fact is that everybody wants to enjoy but just for himself, nobody thinks about others, and rejection reigns between us. But if we begin to extend the threads of unity to each other, if at least we do not wish evil to each other, then we will rise from our egoistic degree to that of Bina, where I will no longer want to hurt you. This is already the neutralization of egoism.

If I also wish to bring you good that you anticipate in accordance to your ego, then I begin to work on your ego in order to fulfill it. This is the degree of Keter, the degree of love.

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This is the process we have to go through, rising first from the degree of egoism to the degree of Bina, in order not to bring the other harm, and then onto the degree of love.
From Lesson 1, Convention in Spain, 6/3/2011

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  1. Then truly we would be king, not in the corporeal sense, which is the most evil thing, a king, but in the spiritual sense as being one with the king of the universe, love and bestowal. Interesting. Notice the pyramid scheme is inverted in the Jewish star… seems similar.

  2. Rav, what you are saying here is fantastic but Rav, this love and complete acceptance to share has to begin with our immediate environment, mine is here in the madness of the United Kingdom and yours, dare i say, is in the state of Israel! We try our utmost share our land by accepting immigrants that are looking for a better life and many enter the UK illigally, but Rav just how are you going to share the land of Israel with your Palestinian cousins? They had been livning in that land for centuaries until the past 50 years, since then they have been systematicly turft out of their homes. Only the other day 20 Palestinians were shot dead by the Isreali army. I don’t see much hope for LOVE AND SHARING anywhere let alone in Israel. I am not a beginner to BB I follow your morning lession and all the congress and I love you all at BB, Big Huggs patrick(UK)

  3. @ patrick york

    First of all there is never going to be a peace in this world. Never. This world is based on ego, it’s impossible to love someone in here, that doesn’t happen, it’s all about rising above this world of illusions to to another dimensions until this world disappears in our sensensation and we only feel one.

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