Don’t Neglect The Friend

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why is it that the more you give a person what he is supposed to pass on to somebody else, he keeps it to himself and doesn’t wish to pay it forward? Suppose a person asked me for help. For me, it’s not a big deal, and I don’t receive any material benefit from it. I give him a hand because I feel that I am rising spiritually. But I want the person to be better.

Answer: I don’t understand why you would demand this. We don’t do it. We must think that when we help a person, we are approaching the upper force. We become similar to it, meaning that when I bestow to another, I get a chance to be like the Creator, up to the point that I reach a state when I will begin to feel that I’ve reached the first degree of similarity with Him.

To achieve that, I have to exert certain efforts and perform certain actions. They accumulate since this is a cumulative process. And as I do, I start feeling contrasts: I want, I don’t want at the same time increasing all kinds of doubts, criticism, etc. But if I move forth correctly and understand that all of this is done to enhance the quality of my efforts to help, toward bestowal, then I don’t demand anything.

What for? For me, this is already the very realization of my desire. The reward is the revelation of the Creator, revealing myself at a higher rung. In that case, I should thank the person who gives me an opportunity to act this way.

We cultivate it in the group because from it I can get the force to operate so I can get the right response. Even if later I start hating this person or thinking of him critically, it’s also good. Today I feel this way about him, tomorrow, he feels this way about me, and so on. That is, we are being “stewed” in the same emotions: giving – receiving, receiving – giving.

But we shouldn’t be demanding. Why? He did you a favor by being an object thanks to which you became more similar to the Creator, your next degree. The only demand of the friends in the group is for them to follow the group’s code: to come, study, clean the facility, and doing dissemination. That is another matter.

As for the rest, treat him not as a person who is supposed to do what we all decided in order to support our organization, but as a soul I am connecting with in order to reveal the mutual quality of bestowal and reception, in order to discover my upper world. I can’t neglect the friend. We have to understand that everything the Creator is showing us in the friends, is what we see of Him.
From the Novosibirsk Convention 12/7/12, Lesson 1

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