Turn To Friends With A Smile

Dr. Michael LaitmanRabash, Shlavei Hasulam (Steps of the Ladder), “They Helped Every One His Friend”: Rather, it is one person who can help another by seeing that one’s friend is low. It is written, “One does not deliver oneself from imprisonment.” Rather, it is one’s friend who can lift his spirit.

This means that one’s friend raises him from his state into a state of liveliness. Then, one begins to reacquire strength and confidence of life and wealth, and he begins as though his goal is now near him.

Rabash, Letter 34: The way is as one who goes to his friend’s occasion. He doesn’t think of himself—whether or not he is in a good mood—but must take part in his friend’s joy. He must not frown, but show a happy face.

One has to see that the friends already sense unity. And if he builds a circle, if he seeks connection with the group, if he wants to be in it, then he acquires joy and forces, both negative and positive. Everything comes to him with the necessary force and in the correct amount so that he reveals the Creator in the interconnection with the friends.

Unification with the friends is a necessary condition for receiving help. But it’s incorrect to think that the friends have to come to me themselves. First (a) I turn to them, and then I receive the strength from them (b):
a – inclusion into the group;
b – receiving strength.

From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/19/12, “Advice for the Arava Convention”

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