Getting Out Of My Skin

Dr. Michael LaitmanTo be a Tzadik (righteous) means to justify the Creator in all circumstances. A person is given every state to help him to want to go outside of his skin to such an extent that darkness thickens around him, and this is a very great help that the Creator sends someone ready to be a Tzadik.

A person is placed in situations that are unacceptable to his ego so that he will be ready to come out of himself. It is clear to us that the spiritual world is above this physical world. Therefore, everything physical must die, but this is not about the usual death of all humans, but rather, that a person, himself, will agree that all of his worldly values will die. And thereby, he acquires the next level: spiritual life.

He exits his body, being released from all self-interest in what will happen to him, above all the situations into which the Creator puts him. He concurs with these circumstances, accepting them happily as builders of his new, spiritual level, for they raise him above his physical conditions, take him out of the limits of his skin and, particularly, make it possible for him to ask for adherence with the Creator from within the darkness. The only inclination this person will have is to give the Creator contentment while he, himself, is found in the dark.

In this, he sees his salvation, his departure from exile. Outside of his skin, he feels true life because he can satisfy the Creator without any consideration of self. Thus, he defeats the darkness, the suffering, the fear, the anxiety, and the shame that he feels, which were revealed intentionally to indicate to him his corporeal limitations and to help him rise above himself.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/4/13, Shamati #36

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