And Then Comes Dawn

Dr. Michael LaitmanIf a person feels that he is in the “white” daylight—everything in his work seems great and he seems to understand everything, feels that he is advancing in his feelings and his mind, and develops like we see in this world—it is not called spiritual development; it is developing on the level of our world. He can study all the articles and the whole theory by heart, but it isn’t called spiritual development.

A person advances in states where he feels confused, detached and fearful of everything that happens in this world on the corporeal level in which he exists for the time being. This happens on the level where a person is, each time. King David said, as it is written in Psalms, “You have hidden Your face from me and I was frightened.” This state is called darkness.

However, it is actually in the dark that a person can examine himself and see whether he can be adhered to the Creator in this darkness. He doesn’t ask that the darkness will disappear and that everything will be clear, understood, calm, and secure. He is happy that, now, in this darkness, he feels the sharp need to be adhered to the Creator. He is happy and grateful for the darkness and wants to remain in it.

It is because he is sure that if he can ask to be adhered to the Creator above the darkness, then it will be a form of bestowal since it doesn’t bring any reward to his desire to receive.

These are the states that the Creator prepares for us. Sometimes, after ten or twenty years, we encounter an obstacle along the way that was prepared by the Creator decades ago. It is all according to the long-term plan of creation. These interruptions whose cause is concealed from us stem from our Reshimot (spiritual genes), from previous lives.

A real overcoming is having the power to turn to the Creator with a prayer, with a request, agreeing to remain in the dark in order to hold onto the adhesion to the Creator in it. In the darkness, we declare that “There is none else besides Him” and don’t ask Him to remove the concealment, but rather, want to rise above it in faith above reason and to be given the power to carry on as if we are in the daylight.

The moment we actually reach such a desire, we come out to the Light. Our desire must be final and absolute so that our request really will be regarding the darkness and not regarding the Light, only regarding adhesion and the ability to bring the Creator contentment in the darkness that is felt by our ego so that the darkness will turn into Light for our desire to bestow, and then comes dawn. We should understand this very well since this is actually the method of advancing.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/4/13

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