The Final State Of The Group (Or Squeezing The Pit Out Of The Cherry)

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe may be starting a special process in which the group is now taking on such a form that we finally can feel not our personal individual states, but the general states that we are going through. We will begin to go through them together, and this is called being the people of Israel in Egypt, when one blow follows another, and then we rise above them together.

The ten plagues of Egypt don’t take place far away from us, where Pharaoh is, so that we can observe them from a distance and rejoice. These blows take place inside us, and our personal Pharaoh experiences them! So, we have been awarded to advance toward the final state of the group as one nation.

Whoever doesn’t feel the darkness yet should be worried since it means that he doesn’t work enough on the connection with the group and that he still lacks the inner work. He subconsciously may be escaping the problem, keeping his distance, instead of touching the truth a little. A person’s defensive force is operating here, scaring a person and preventing him from entering the group and clarifying things.

If he has no desire to “leap out of his body,” it means that he was not awarded with the Creator’s pressure that squeezes him like a cherry so that the pit will pop out. How else can one jump into the waves of the Red Sea? Only in this way, under pressure, like on a cherry. Can you imagine what great pressure that is?

If the spiritual world is above the corporeal world, which means above life and death, then I should feel that I am ready for this transition! This body, this life with everything in it, isn’t worth anything compared to the world into which I am moving.

The shell that prevents us from advancing can be broken only by the force of love and mutual concern, only by the general work together with everyone. If you don’t feel the general concern for the society, for the community, for the whole, global Bnei Baruch community, for the whole world, you will not be able to be involved in this process.

Part of the group already may be going through it while you are standing on the side as it is passing you by, and you don’t hear, see, or feel it. Instinctively, you ignore the difficulties and guard yourself, thus keeping yourself at a distance.

We must be involved in everything that the group, the community, and the global Bnei Baruch society deals with, and be sensitive and on the alert as to all the worries and the changes that everyone experiences. Whoever is not actively involved in this general process are called “women,” “children,” “slaves,” and “sheep and goats.” These categories determine all the types of people in our global group who somehow are connected to us, but only externally.

So, accordingly, only “600,000 souls” receive the Torah.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/5/13, Shamati #61

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