Birth Is A Breakthrough Out Of The Dark

Dr. Michael LaitmanIf we are connected in mutual love in the group, then everyone should feel what everyone else feels. Then there wouldn’t be the case that someone feels good and another feels bad; everyone would feel what is happening in one heart. Whoever doesn’t share the general concern will not feel the general joy that follows.

We don’t know why the Creator suddenly creates such situations in which some people are more connected than others. It depends on many factors and especially on everyone’s preparation and to what extent one feels that it is his group.

In that case even people who were always part of “Egypt,” which means that they seemingly harm the “sons of Israel” who suffer because of them, now have the same chance to advance to spirituality. These two parts of the group have an equal chance to advance and it becomes clear that these are two sides of the same “coin,” of the same state.

Those who don’t find themselves physically in the dark can feel as if they actually experience the general suffering, thanks to their adhesion to those who have received the blow. The whole global group cannot feel the same problem physically, but it all depends on our adhesion, on the connection between the friends.

Then everyone feels a foreign pain, like an illness of a beloved person. The whole global group can share the same pain. Even the whole world can do that, if we correct ourselves, grow stronger, and rise. Then the waves of our worries, different types of waves, good and bad, will spread in every direction and will make a “noise” in the world that can be joyful or worrisome. Then the general state will be corrected together with us.

The Light is born from the dark. Thus there will be an opposite result to all the critical problems. The next state is born in the dark and every birth is oppositeness. It’s always like a breakthrough out of a dead end.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/4/13, Shamati #36

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