The Right Definition Of The Godly Force

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe effort we have to make in order to enter the spiritual world is beyond a person’s powers. It’s like having to lift the weight of a ton. A person can’t do that, of course. But if 50 friends come to a person’s aid, everyone lifts 20 kilograms and that is certainly possible.

The work of the Creator is arranged in the same way. This is done on purpose so that a person will yearn for quality and not for quantity: so that he will not just be attracted to the Creator, but that he will really yearn for Him, for the one force. This one force can be reached only if several individuals connect to attain one goal. Therefore the connection leads us in the right direction.

A person advances by mutual guarantee, by mutual commitment, and by measuring his concern for the Creator according to his concern for the friend in contrast to his concern about himself, his relatives and about whoever is in his inner circle. Then he prevents alien thoughts from dominating him, and if they appear it’s only so that he can clarify things and separate himself from them.

Everything is arranged so that nothing can be done alone. If a person discovers this, then at that moment he begins to advance. The main thing is to feel one’s self-weakness and the need for the environment’s help. Then he is ready for mutual guarantee and he defines the Creator, the Godly force differently, by accepting it as connection and unity based only on the many that are connected into one.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/20/13

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