Krasnoyarsk Convention: A Fresh Stream Of Connection

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I would like to thank you in the name of all the friends in the area of Siberia for the great efforts that you are investing in order to participate in conventions, for it’s not at all easy to travel such great distances. Thank you very much for investing so much attention in us.

Answer: This is my obligation. If there are people whom this interests and if the person yearns to change himself and the world, then I must do this. I thank all who accepted the invitation to come to Krasnoyarsk to gather together to make a leap forward, to discover a higher state, and then convey it to others.

We see that the world is in a difficult, unfavorable state and that it constantly wanders to and fro on the threshold of the abyss that is gaping before it in many areas. At present the world is deteriorating economically, politically, militarily, and ecologically and the condition is only becoming more severe. I don’t want to be a prophet of doom, but I already spoke about this ten years ago.

Therefore it’s up to us to try to inject into the world a positive stream in every way possible, a potential, that in spite of it all, we will open the eyes of people and will make it possible to reach the same goal not through suffering but through personal change for the better, with the help of equivalence of form with nature, with the Creator. So I will fly to Siberia because large, fresh new forces are gathering, and this is very important.

This area is very important to me. In my opinion it is prepared to provide freshness, inner potential, vigor, and seriousness to our yearning, as no other place in the world will be prepared to do! In spite of it all, the area of Siberia is so pristine that it will be ready to add all this to us; our world group requires this very much.

Come let us thank in advance all the participants in the convention for having seriously invested so much time preparing for it. I thank them in the name of the whole world because what they are doing is the greatest addition to the global connection between us.

We are happy to join what they are organizing and we will try to be together with them body and soul. I am sure that it will be a wonderful convention and that we will be able to feel what the next stage will be as a result of all that we have done until today. I truly hope that in Krasnoyarsk we will realize what we achieved and felt in the last men’s convention because the people began to go through unfamiliar inner experiences of connection with that which is higher.
From the Virtual Lesson 6/2/13

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  1. so the question is, how does BNEI Arvut movement feel the Messiah will arrive? Or have they given up on that concept replacing it with the truth that people need to raise their own consciousness by desire for it…..

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