Is This The Time To Create A World Government?

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Bettina Röhl): “Will a way be found to control the uncontrollable global economic financial market? – There is no means to manage the global currency. Politicians and the people who drive the world economy lack the power and are only ready to declare false optimism about soon overcoming the crisis.

They watch the stormy developments helplessly, and are forced to take distracting political measures.  The world needs a balanced and equitable global government that will work in an even harsher way than the present rulers. This is the only way to pull ourselves out by the “hair” from the quagmire.

My Comment: There is no doubt that the world will come to realize the need for this. This is because an absolutely reciprocal connection will be discovered. The question is, will this happen before or after great suffering, wars, and the death of most of humanity? Integral Education suggests to humanity that instead of suffering, it should open its eyes to its terrible future in case that it fails to act.

The education offered gives humanity the opportunity to see the only possible solution: connection similar to nature and learning how to realize it, simply, quickly and reliably. And then humanity will reach the next level of its development, not due to terrible pressure from nature, but from an informed personal aspiration for this level.

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