A “Miscarriage” Is Going Back

Dr. Michael LaitmanRabash, “The Matter of Ibur (Gestation) and Yenika (Suckling)”: And wherever there is a deficiency in Holiness, there is a hold of the Sitra Achra, and it can spoil the phase of Ibur and not allow it reach its wholeness, and by that lead to miscarriage since it is born before it has completed its phase of Ibur.

It is because in Ibur there are 25 Partzufim which means NRNHY, and in each one there is also NRNHY and so there has to be the delaying force, which means that even in smallness there should be wholeness. It receives this through its mother although the embryo has no vessels on the part of his mother in order to receive greatness in order to bestow, but still by annulling himself before the mother, he can receive greatness from the vessels of his mother, which is called gestation of the thigh of his mother, the food that his mother eats.

There it is about the upper Lights and the same is true during the time of preparation when he wants to enter the King’s palace, since the same applies there. Just as there are many phases and the Ibur doesn’t end at one time, and we say that there are nine months of pregnancy, until the 25 Partzufim are attained, so during the Preparation there are also many phases until one attains the complete phase of Ibur during the time of preparation. Therefore, there are many ascents and descents and sometimes the Ibur is corrupted which is also called a miscarriage and then we have to start the whole work over again.

There are many defined stages and many sub-stages: 25 Partzufim—made of a head, body, and an end—take part in every Zivug (coupling). Every new Zivug creates a whole world and brings a change for everyone. For those who directly fulfill the Zivug, these are inner changes, and for all the rest, these are surrounding changes, but there are many details in every step that the created being makes, and it is so even during the time of preparation and the time of Ibur (gestation), before the birth, during the birth itself, and onward.

Every state should be completed in order to move on to the next state. A person must hate the current state and see that it is flawed and that he cannot remain in it anymore, and to rise above it to a more sublime state. The question is according to what criteria he chooses in the state where his mind and heart are, both in quality and in quantity.

We should be careful to avoid a “miscarriage” at every step, which means going back, which is already a state of a Klipa (shell). Then, our advancement already will be along the path of suffering.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/2/13, Writings of Rabash

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