In Spirituality An Individual Is Not A Warrior

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Every morning I wake up with the thought that everything depends upon me, “If I am not for myself who will be for me?” And I make great plans to do something wonderful, huge, and helpful. After that all kinds of things distract me, and in the evening I discover that apparently I didn’t do anything. But I understand that “There is none else besides Him”; that is, it is the Creator who arranged all this for me. I go to sleep, wake up in the morning completely renewed and everything begins anew. How is it possible to break out of my “deceptive” system?

Answer: I think that this happens because you are planning your personal egoistic spiritual event in the morning. Instead of this, you need to plan group events and then the whole “deception” will disappear and fade into being forgotten. Together with the friends you will be able to remind each other about things that need to be done.

Spiritual action can only be in a group, only together, at least with one other person. Even if in the morning I promise myself that I will do something, succeed in this, and in the evening feel like a hero: “Today I thought all the time and held onto it intentionally!” This is worth nothing if this was not connected to others!

It makes no difference what I thought about others if in this activity I was not together with them. Therefore, for many years we promise ourselves about something every morning but we don’t get results!

Spiritual work can only be in a group that is composed of at least two people, where we join together and do some kind of activity; otherwise, it isn’t spiritual. It’s desirable that we will depend upon each other in this activity that we are included together. I am happy about what my friend does and he is happy about what I do, so both of us depend upon each other.

And the main thing is for whom is the work intended? It could be from me and from the friend for a group and from there for the Creator. Can we convey our mutual joy from us to them, are we giving contentment to the Creator with this? Extending yourself into the characteristic of bestowal cannot be the work of one person, there must be at least two.
From the Conventions in Krasnoyarsk 6/16/13, Lesson 5

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