Where Can We Find Food That Was Prepared With Love?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If my biological body is made of atoms and molecules and I eat something that is made of the same atoms and molecules, but in different proportions, does it lead to a change of energy?

Answer: It is one of most typical and most powerful mutual actions between us and the environment that surrounds us.

Of course, there are also different waves—biological waves, heat waves, and so forth—but this is the most typical and the most outstanding. You participate in this process by taking food, preparing it or having someone prepare it for you, and you eat it. You are a direct, voluntary participant,

Question: How important is it that people that I know and who treat me well will prepare the food?

Answer: It is very important! My teacher, Rabash, for example, loved the food that my wife cooked for him very much. He used to say, “I feel love in the food that she cooks.” I am sure that he felt it.

Question: If I eat in a restaurant, will I be able to feel the negative influence of those who prepared the food? Will it affect my health?

Answer: If a cook who works for money has prepared it and mixed a soup pot of 200 liters with a big spoon, it will not only affect your health, but also your moral and your ethical state. It affects everything.

Question: However, modern man is totally insensitive. No matter where I eat, I don’t feel that.

Answer: You buy a hot dog on the street and you feel that everything is fine. An animal that was raised in a natural environment, however, will never take food from a stranger, and you don’t even have to train it. From a physiological point of view, we must treat ourselves like animals since, physiologically, we are exactly the same.
From KabTV’s “Medicine of the Future,” 4/7/13

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