A Meal Is A Time Of Contemplation

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Suppose we bring people together in the center according to the integral system. We have workshops, connecting games, and a meal together. How should we prepare for the meal?

Answer: A meal is a time of serious contemplation since a person only thinks about for what, why, who am I connected to during the meal, and how do I fill myself physically and spiritually now?

Our digestive system is made of certain parts. Why do we have 32 teeth? It stems from the 32 sources of wisdom. Why do we grind the food when we chew it with our teeth and then swallow it?

It is interesting to learn how our throat is built since everything concentrates in it. No animal is built that way.

Why is man called “speaking” and not just the “erect walker?” An ostrich is also two legged, but it isn’t called “speaking.”

The point is that our digestive system is interestingly complete and thanks to it we are different from the animate world. Our very digestive system that is animate in its essence has an interesting addition; the throat and vocal cords that are managed by the brain that is our uppermost part.

Everything that I say stems from the brain and is managed consciously and not instinctively! What is more, it is so short (coming from the word, short circuit) and intricately connected: what energy I use when I speak, what is the content of the sounds that I produce. I also manage five types of sounds from my throat by using the throat, the tongue, the lips, the teeth, and the palate. I also operate the lungs in relation to the throat, which are also made of five parts, and so forth.

This means that we are not just speaking about the digestive system, but that it is connected with the most central and important part in the human body (which is why we are called “speaking”), and we consciously cut off this part when we eat. However, other parts of the system are operated other than this part.

The sense of smell plays an important role in the eating process. We must add scents in order to feel the taste and the smell of food.

Every type of food must have its typical smell, so the scents, just like spices, are the main part of the food. We cannot manage without salt and pepper and without composing the attributes of different flavors. We can, of course, take some tasteless leaves and eat them. We will, of course, receive vitamins from them, but we also need certain attributes of flavors and smells that would influence us. It is essential.

The hearing system also affects the digestive system, certain music that is synchronized with the digestive system and complements it on a different level. Thus, the filling of the five senses make a meal.

In other words, eating a meal is called “filling” a person by every possible channel.
From KabTV’s “Medicine of the Future,” 4/7/13

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