Why Did We Climb Down From The Trees?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: People say that we mustn’t consume stale food.

Answer: Modern man has lost this feeling. I know people who keep pets at home, and, if they eat the food, then the owner can eat it too. This is how it was during wars or in times of plagues. If a dog drank the water, it meant that people could drink it too. It is because a dog is an animal and a person is also an animal, but he lacks the sense that a dog has. He lost it long ago or only has remnants of these natural senses.

It isn’t even a sense of smell. A dog sees another dog, licks his urine and already knows everything about him, whether he should come in contact with him and when. We, on the other hand, need an entire laboratory, 500 tests, and we still don’t know anything about one another. A dog knows everything, whether another dog is the right mate for him or not, his character, and whether he is friend or foe. The animal determines the owner’s state of mind and his mood according to his smell, feeling his vibes. We have lost this ability long ago.

During the process of our evolution, we have drawn away from nature. We used to live in the trees once, and, like monkeys, we felt and knew everything that we needed. Then, we climbed down from the trees to the ground since we already needed protein food and not only vegetarian food in order to develop our brain. Eventually, we lost many functions that are necessary for a natural existence.

Animals have also lost these functions, especially those who live near us. Today, as a result of the worldwide environmental pollution, the poor animals mainly feed on what we throw away, so they also gradually lose their attributes.

Since the general program of creation is to bring man to a certain state when he will ascend the mental and spiritual levels up to the level of the Creator, everything is certainly aimed at this. Therefore, we certainly need to sacrifice something, which means to draw away from the animal state and to remain in it only in the nominal physical body and continue developing everything else toward the next state, the level of a “human being.”
From KabTV’s “Medicine of the Future,” 4/7/13

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