Rage Slows Down The Digestion Of Food

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can you explain what Rambam says, “Never eat when you are angry?”

Answer: If a person is angry while he eats, the inner systems are activated and burn everything, thus leading to an inner short-circuit. So, the food is not digested. It is because a person adds additional interruptions into the digestion process. If he is angry during a meal, it is an interruption. The rage is digested into the blood and a person burns the food instead of absorbing it correctly.

Besides, in this state, he cannot chew and swallow the food correctly. It is hard to chew the right number of times. A person has to chew the food by an average of 32 times and, if not, then at least 14.

Who can chew the food 14 times while concentrating before swallowing the food? If we don’t do that, we swallow poison. Everything is mutually connected.

What is more, older people, women, children, and men need a different density of food, according to their health, their character, and their inner state.

If I am old and I have weak teeth, I need the right food since I cannot even chew green leaves with my teeth. This means that it has to be grinded first or be another type of food. Older people don’t need false teeth by nature. They need the right food that their stomach and the bodily systems need, a totally different type of food. It is impossible to serve an old person a piece of meat if he has no teeth. So, he needs soft and less condensed food that is cooked longer and grinded since his stomach cannot tolerate anything else.

Interestingly, primitive tribes consumed mainly boiled food. Modern civilized man believes that everything has to be juicy, green, natural and unprocessed, straight from the field, while different tribesmen used to process everything. What is more, they cooked the food in a way that seemed to destroy all the beneficial elements in it, but they lived a very long life, which is very interesting.
From KabTV’s “Medicine of the Future,” 4/7/13

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