Pharaoh Will Come To Visit In The Meeting Of Connection

Dr. Michael LaitmanOur major mistake is that we differentiate and detach the group, humanity, and reality from the Creator. We don’t understand that we don’t have to take care of Him, but that we should fix things in reality and correct the vessel as it says: “I would rather they left Me and kept My Torah,” since the whole Torah is one law of “Love thy friend as thyself.”

The Torah speaks about love of the Creator as the last commandment, which I reach after all my previous actions. Of course I meant to reach it first and this is why I performed all these actions, but I don’t reach it immediately and only yearn for it.

First a person clarifies what his attitude towards the Creator should be until he finally begins to hear that it is called bestowal and love. A person begins to hear, which means that he has an inner response, that it really is so and that the whole world, all of reality, and all of humanity are nourished only by that one force.

Then I realize that it’s possible to actually acquire this force, which means consciously and realistically by using a group, a special society, and not just by using nice words as the whole world does. I am included in the group and through it intend to attain the Creator, clarify my attributes in this special society and correct them in order to connect with the friends “as one man in one heart,” and thus reveal the Creator in the connection between us.

If we manage to connect as one, He will also be revealed as one. Therefore it says “from the love of the created beings to the love of the Creator.” Then the society becomes important to me like the Creator, and in fact they become one. Then I begin to understand that the Creator Himself does not exist! It’s the relations between us that we clarify and reach mutuality and connection; this connection that we establish between us is called “the Creator.”

Every time we attain a special level of connection between us, we have a new and different Creator that is greater and more sublime. The Light is revealed in greater intensity and I have to constantly connect “Israel, the Torah and the Creator.” I, Yashar El (straight to the Creator) reveal the connection “as one man in one heart,” in the group, “love thy friend as thyself,” by  all the conditions of mutual guarantee, in order to discover the attribute that connects, ties, and fills us that is called bestowal and love or “the Creator.”

We have all the necessary means to do that, all the necessary conditions. We don’t lack anything, but we only have to work on it more, “Do whatever is in your power.” Then we will discover the Light that Reforms in the connection between us in the collective vessel that will correct our vessel, and then we will discover the Light that fills it.

We have to constantly work on it as if we make dough and constantly knead it until everything becomes one in our feeling. Sometimes we understand this and sometimes this realization disappears, but it has to penetrate the heart. You can make sure that you feel the importance of reaching a connection between us from the very start. Then you feel moved to tears as the connection between us is revealed a bit and it seems so great.

But afterward, the next stage is revealed in which hate and repulsion are evoked in me. We have not discovered this yet… Only after understanding how important the connection between us is and the warm feeling that is revealed in it, the feeling of clarity, and the necessity of the connection, I suddenly begin to discover repulsion and hatred in contrast to it.

It’s evoked in me and I cannot control it since it is my “Pharaoh.” But I already understand everything from one extreme to the other, both from the side of the Creator and from the side of “Pharaoh.” The clarifications between them already begin in me; let’s hope that we will soon reach this hatred after we go through the phase of feeling the sweetness and warmth of connection.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/06/13, Writings of Rabash

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