The Crisis Calls For Leadership Changes

Opinion: (Michael Khazin, an economist, from “Modern political and economic life is largely determined by internal and external contradictions. The modern political class refuses to recognize the existence of the crisis. The politicians are ready for anything, but on condition that their position and profits are not hurt in any way.

“In the last ten years the politicians fought with courage against any personal responsibility, whereas a crisis is always a responsibility. The crisis brings about leadership changes, but in the last ten years all the leaders where appointed by financial magnates, thus there was no one to pass the reins of leadership on to… Financial magnates determine our politics…

“The demand to maintain the system in which the present financial and political sector are dominate doesn’t allow for exiting the crisis. It is forbidden for the elite to even talk about the existence of the crisis. Any economic advice must be coordinated with a large number of lobbyists organizations.

“In other words, the present situation of the economy and the financial system is simply not understood. But the fact that people in such responsible positions allow themselves to speak nonsense tells us about the situation in the world more than any numbers: “When the gods want to punish people, they take away their reason.”

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