Two Weeks Are Left To Prepare

Dr. Michael LaitmanNothing can be achieved without effort. Until we finish our work, we will not finish forming our vessel and therefore will not be able to reveal the final state. Our states are programmed from above so that is why Kabbalists could tell in advance when it should happen to us.

They have asked us to perform actions with “the acceleration of time,” as Baal HaSulam called for in the1920s. But people did not want to listen to him and therefore they went through the path of suffering: through the Holocaust of world’s Jews and all the problems of the wars that accompanied the establishment of the State of Israel. Imagine, how much suffering could have been avoided if they had listened to his warning and had begun to build the state of Israel 30-40 years earlier, avoiding the Holocaust and all its implications, and had built on the principles described in his article “The Last Generation.”

We have to do this today, after we have gone through the path of suffering, of natural development. This is a good example of what we could have done and how as a result we went through this state, surviving the crisis, the difficulties, the Holocaust, the terrible suffering to come to the state where we are today. This is called neglecting preparation!

Today, we are once again given the opportunity: after the revelation of the wisdom of Kabbalah, the establishment of the world Kabbalah group, and the revelation of the method. Once again, we are in the preprogrammed state that has a schedule according to which it will develop naturally (Beito). Or in every square of this schedule, at every stage, at each step, to which we have to rise, we act with the help of the Light (Ahishena). If not, then we will have to go through the same stage by the path of suffering. It all depends on our preparation.

That is why you need to take it seriously in anticipation of this large convention that will take place in St Petersburg in July 2013. We can be very well prepared for it. We already have examples of the states to which we have to come, the experience of physical activities to which we have to add only intention: What do we do this for, what we want? This is what we need to clarify.

There is still plenty of time ahead: We have two weeks and we must apply efforts. Because our state depends on it, on whether we will go through the path of suffering or the Light. And besides, you finally need to switch from calculations for yourselves, your suffering or pleasure, to the thoughts about the Creator and to evaluate relative to Him, whether we bring Him joy or we do not care.

I hope that everyone will ask himself how he participates in the preparation. It does not matter where you will be physically during the convention physically—most important is how you will prepare yourselves to become connected with everyone in collective unity, without any difference or distance, eliminating any external influence. According to this, you will be awarded advancement or even revelation.
From the Talk About the Preparation for the Convention in St. Petersburg 6/26/13

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