Don’t Do Any Work That Isn’t Yours!

Dr. Michael LaitmanOur entire way of preparation consists of: on every level, every step, everything is determined only by all the preparations. Why is preparation so important and not the action itself? The point is that the action is performed by the Light that Reforms, but the preparation for it, in order to spur the Light to perform this action, is a person’s job.

According to this principle, every level is divided into two parts. The first part is the preparation, the agreement, the self submission of a person who must totally accept the action of the Light, which is expressed in his deficiency, in his prayer, in raising MAN. If the desire, the prayer, which means his preparation, are right in their quantity and quality and they match the change he has to go through, he thus creates the opportunity and the place for the Light to operate. Then the Light comes and performs such changes and corrections in a person that afterward can dwell in him.

When the action is completed, a person is given the opportunity to do the first part of the work that he has to do again: submission, self annulment, accepting the yoke of Heaven, wanting the Creator to perform the next action on him. When he completes the preparation, which means that he attains a sufficient deficiency that is correct and whole that the upper Light should perform the action, the Light performs the action. This means that a person rises to the next level.

Thus he advances step by step. Everything depends on a person’s preparation since the upper Light is always ready to do its work. The Light is in absolute rest and its only goal is to bring a person to adhesion with the Creator.

So we have to make sure that we do what is up to us and that we prepare ourselves in the fastest and most efficient way, not thinking about how we should correct ourselves. The correction is the Light’s work, and we don’t even know what it has to do. Our job is only to clarify what we have to do in order to prepare our deficiency.

This preparation is also divided into several parts: the preparation, self annulment, the recognition of the greatness of the Light that Reforms, and the recognition of the greatness of the next state to which the Light brings us. We can imagine all this by our environment and the exercises we do in it by working on the connection between us and by using all the means we were given.

All the means that we were given actually belong to the preparation, which means to the work we have to do. If we feel that we don’t have the vessels, the powers, the strength, it is because we try to do what is not our work but rather the Light’s, the actual correction. So it is indeed not in our hands and not in our powers to do it.

But if we focus on what we should do on every level, which means the preparation for the demand, for the request for the action of the Light, then we have all the necessary means to do so.
From the preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/24/13

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