You Are Not Alone

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: At a convention a sensation is created that cannot be described, a sensation of a single family. But many individuals are present here. Tomorrow they will disperse and will again find themselves under the influence of the external world. What must they do in order to maintain an intention all the time, at least until the convention in St. Petersburg?

Answer: This depends on all of you and not on them, a person cannot fight alone. A person cannot hold himself in the right state for a long time without the friends and the right environment; this is very difficult. We give all due respect to those individuals who can hold their position in conditions like this, without the friends, but in general, this is very complicated! In every place where you live, you must find at least one other person or a number of people, and at least on weekends and during vacations meet with them for a few hours. This will be a spiritual outlet for them. And for the rest of the days connect with them by Skype or in some other form.

You need to be concerned about the individuals, to prepare a schedule for when you will connect with them, speak with them, bring them into some kind of work, give them little chores, processing materials, and the like. You need to include them in the collective gatherings of friends so they can participate in them virtually. This is to say they must be considered friends of your group.

If for a long time they haven’t succeeded in finding partners for themselves and are removed from the collective stream, then it is necessary to try as much as possible to move them as close you as you can, and to find work for them, to help. If this is a serious friend who proves that he is adherent to the goal and he needs you, then it is necessary to do this.

But it is quite possible that if you delve into your memory, then through their friends or by sending through the Internet (not sophisticated Kabbalah, but correct) you will find friends for them in those cities where they live. It is necessary to try to do this so that around each one of our isolated friends, wherever they may be, you will organize a group. But if this kind of possibility doesn’t exist, you must help them move closer to you.
From the Conventions in Krasnoyarsk 6/16/13, Lesson 6

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