Not Negotiable

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: We say that we should feel pleasure in the friend. Suppose a person loves power and revels in his power in the group. Do I have to enjoy this flaw in him?

Answer: If he were a member of your family, your child, would you enjoy the fact that he behaves in this way?

Comment: I would reprimand him.

Answer: A reprimand should be given not directly but by implication, carefully, so that he understands that he needs to behave differently. This would be better for him and for the others.

If he really brings so much harm that it disturbs the group and brings foreign thoughts, foreign ideas, and if he starts to proclaim a new path, then he has no place in the group. Then the conversation is short—expel him from the group.

There are only two reasons for excluding a friend from the group:

  • If he goes against the general flow of the group, against the primary sources or teacher and this spoils the collective work
  •  If he disturbs the unity of the group. In this case, the worst thing is if he separates families.

I have heard that these problems do exist and I strongly warn that this must not occur. Do whatever you want but the friend’s family is sacred because the family is the basic unit of the corrected society; it should be corrected, and there can be no excuses.

The violation of these two principles prevents us from progressing because the family is the cell of the group and our ideology is the vector of the group.

Basically, these are spiritual laws. So, keep in mind that if these things take place, then they need to be eradicated soon with no questions or discussions, this is not negotiable.
From the Conventions in Krasnoyarsk 6/16/13, Lesson 5

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