It Is Time To Look Truth In The Eyes

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe have received a shattered desire to receive for ourselves so that we will be able to attain the attribute of bestowal. In addition, everyone was given a spark of yearning for the Creator. It’s about people in whom this spark was ignited, while others have no choice and are totally managed by their nature. Only people who have the spark in addition to the shattered desire to receive, yearn to attain the spiritual goal having no choice.

If during the lesson they hear that only by our connection can we receive the powers to fulfill this spark, they advance by the path of the Light, by the path of “I shall hasten it.”  But if they cannot hear, if they cannot be incorporated in the environment that can wake them up and make them more sensitive, they will advance by the path of sufferings, by the path of “in its time.” Then years later, they will feel that this path doesn’t lead to any results since everyone’s minor powers don’t allow them to exit the corporeal level.

It may take a long time to reach this recognition, even 20 to 30 years. Only later is a person forced to do some soul searching and to look truth in the eyes and accept the condition of connecting with others in order to receive their awakening, having no other choice. Then his point in the heart has enough power to fulfill itself.

Only then does he begin to hear and to work on himself, but this doesn’t happen all at once either, but gradually. Still, he advances and has a sense of direction. He understands that he has to accept and to surrender to the conditions Kabbalists speak about and that are the foundations of the Torah: the connection between people and love of others, and not try to escape from it.

People try to escape and to hide from these conditions in different religions and faiths. Every religion claims that people must keep the rituals, the external personal or public actions, such as holidays and customs that characterize it. It’s all meant to hide the truth and not deal with the correction of a person’s ego that brings him to “in order to bestow.”

But the path of sufferings will eventually bring humanity to a dead end and will force people to see that there is no choice and that they have to listen to what the Torah says. Then people will ask how to do that, so we have to prepare the active method of correction for them and to try to shorten their path of sufferings.
From the Preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/27/13

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