Against The Egoistic Urge

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You say that all of humanity is one closed system that cannot be awakened. In his time a man from the Vernadsky Academy and his followers wrote about this. Today this has become clear to all, but you still get the sense that it’s possible to handle the system as it is, to correct its orientation.

Answer: They are trying to do this with the European Union, but are they succeeding? And the Americans are also trying to act, from a supposition that the world is mutually linked. But both in America and in Europe they don’t understand this system of mutual linkage. The Americans have wasted billions of dollars on Iraq, and what has this brought? Nothing, they have only destroyed the nation, destroyed connections, and no more than this. And now America needs to leave quietly.

What happened in Europe? Haven’t they transformed the Common Market into a “collective market?” They decided one-sidedly to “link” everyone with everyone. Certainly this only led to a crisis discovered in an even greater form. It’s not known if they can simply disconnect previous affiliations.

Question: Is it possible to manage this system somehow?

Answer: It’s impossible if people don’t change. The person needs to change. He needs to think differently, to feel the world as integral and himself as a part of the integral world. This doesn’t exist in people. We are still egoists and nobody thinks that the whole world depends on him or that he depends on the whole world. This doesn’t appear in us.

The idea is that general rules operate here, absolutely different laws and trends. We have risen to such a level of human development where integral laws operate. These are laws of an analog system where everyone depends on everyone. The beginning, end, middle, everything is mutually linked and at every moment everything is found in balance, like a self-regulating system that supports and stabilizes itself.

All of nature is like this and we need to become like it to be within it: To begin to feel all of nature, the communication, the harmony, the integrality, and ourselves as an inseparable part of it. But for the sake of this, we need to change ourselves completely and not enter it with our egoistic “boots.” We need to bring ourselves constantly to the level of a life of social participation, equality, to a level of mutuality. This is not found in us at all; and this is work that we need to do against our egoistic inclinations.
From KabTV’s “Through Time” 3/17/13

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