The Acceleration Of Time

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Today most people think that in the subjective reality, time is beginning to advance much faster. In the past it seemed to them that time was stretched and smeared, so now the weeks go by so fast that people don’t pay attention to them. Why is this happening like this?

Answer: The life expectancy of the person who lived two or three hundred years ago was not more than 36 – 40 years on average. For them time flowed slowly, evenly, even though for them a lifetime was two times less than it is for us. In contrast, for us, there isn’t enough time for anything, time “runs” and suddenly we are old and then we die.

We feel time differently because the value of time is different. The number of activities that we can include in every moment in time has changed. Therefore time is also very saturated, dense.

This is not connected to fears, tension, or some kind of expectation that a person has; this is a much more complex problem. The more we develop, the more and more we become detached from the animal world.

An animal can live calmly. It has no concept of time: If it needs to lie down, it lies down, if it needs to hunt, it hunts, and so forth. That is, for the animal everything is determined, everything is according to the seasons of the year, everything has been considered. Nature shows it exactly what to do, and it has no problem with time. The animal is never late.

But the more that we have become humans in our development, the more we have problems with time. This is essentially because we want to renounce the concept of the “sensation of time.”
From KabTV’s “Through Time” 3/17/13

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