Science: The Moment Of Truth And Limitations

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What indicators will let us know that humanity has started to realize the integrality of the world?

Answer: The awareness of an integral and interconnected world has started in the last few years. Scientists were first to note it, and today the mass media is talking about it as something natural and self-evident. It turns out that the crisis is really global and really caused by human egoism, and the world is indeed a single system.

And as for scientists, they are already talking about a program inherent in nature and about different dimensions of existence. Leading quantum physicists speak of it in particular, and some of them are no longer afraid to declare that matter as we understood it previously doesn’t actually exist, and the world is built on quantum effects. At first we knew about certain substances, then we discovered atoms and believed they were indivisible until we revealed the world of subatomic particles. And now even these particles are making room for a certain “cloud,” which condenses into a picture of the world only under our gaze. There are no waves even, everything is “smeared.” It’s a scientific fact and nothing can be done about it.

As a result, scientists are talking about a single unified force, which in our perception appears as particles, waves, and all sorts of individual forces. It sounds almost the same as the section on perception of reality in the wisdom of Kabbalah. Essentially, traditional science has almost reached the limit of its capabilities, and this is why it’s in a state of crisis. There’s simply nowhere to develop further with the exception of the military field, which traditionally bathes in abundance.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/8/2012, Writings of Rabash

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