Strive and You Will Find!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The transition to a new level must be conscious. What exactly do we need to do to make conscious actions?

Answer: There is nothing specific we can do to make our transition, actions, and journey conscious. We only can wait for changes to happen within us under the influence of the upper Light. My efforts only evoke the upper Light, the upper energy, which affects me.

Even now I do not know what will happen to me in the next moment, even in my regular life. All this comes from the outside and is revealed from Above every moment of my life.

It is the same with spiritual work. I direct myself toward the quality to bestow, but it has to come to me and affect me, and then I will begin to understand what is happening to me. I myself can only contribute to my aspiration, but I am unable to understand.

Here, we need to be acutely aware of the fact that our drive upward, forward, is always accompanied by a question, a desire for it to actually happen. The upper Light comes from Above and provides a response. It gives us the answer since nothing can come from us. I only wait for the upper Light to manifest within us.

Since we do not have a strong enough question, desire, and drive forward yet, Ohr Makif (the Surrounding Light) does not manifest sufficiently. Is a question equal to the first portion of the Light in its intensity of desire appear in us? This is what matters.

Strive and You Will Find1
Reaching this level means that we are reaching the threshold value of our question, our aspiration, our desire. Then, we find the answer right away. The Light always operates in a discrete manner, like inside an atom. When an electron drops from one orbit to another, it releases a quant of light. In order to lift it to an orbit, it needs to be charged with a quant of light. Then it rises and once again drops and releases a quant of light, and so forth, according to the laser principle. Nature is the same everywhere. This is why the same principle operates here.

We must rise to the threshold level.

Right now we are on one level, and we continue jumping up to reach the second level, but we are not reaching it yet. We constantly slide down, losing this level, try to rise again, and once again, we lose it. How do we jump over and rise to the next level? Once we rise to it, we will no longer descend, or fall from it.

Strive and You Will Find2

Let us say that you are trying to jump onto a table. You jump halfway, three quarters of the way, or a quarter of the way. Every time, you fall back to the ground. Once you manage to land on the table, you will continue to stand there.

This is what we need to do. We are not willing to accept anything less than this.
From the Vilnius Convention 3/23/12, Lesson 2

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