A Special Situation

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe are in a very special relationship with the Creator. If a person puts all his egoistic hopes in Him, just like all the people in this world, then everything is fine. Everyone believes that the Creator is good and that He sends us good things and cares about us. Although people suffer, they always find a justification for that. We see that it isn’t too difficult to hold on to a simple belief. Billions of people truly believe in the existence of an upper force and are ready to make different sacrifices and even to sacrifice their life for this belief.

It is so simple since it stems from our ego. A person praises and glorifies the Creator and is ready to exert himself and to perform different religious rituals. However, we cannot even think about Him and are skeptical about whether or not He really exists, if He is the good and the benevolent, if everything comes from Him. It is so difficult because it doesn’t stem from the ego, but from the point in the heart, from the form that is opposite to everyone’s general attitude towards the Creator.

However, we were given an environment so that our attitude towards the Creator will not stem from the ego, but from the opposite factor. Through the environment, we can really ascribe ourselves to the Creator to the extent the society increases His importance in our eyes. The more we all consider the society to be important, the more a person can attribute greater importance to the values that are accepted in the society, including the importance of the Creator.

If a person ties the environment with his point in the heart, then the Creator is inside the society and He gradually enters a person, enters his point in the heart. This is what we should demand from our group. Without this, there is no chance that we can reveal the Creator—by only connecting the environment with our point in the heart so that the Creator becomes revealed in their connection into one whole.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/23/13

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