Becoming The Creator’s Partner

Dr. Michael LaitmanDesire, Israel, (“straight to the Creator”) in a person gets reformed in stages, step by step since it must reach understanding and attainment according to its inner needs.

In this, it differs from types of desires regarded as “the nations of the world” that get reformed all at once in one set. Desire, Israel, demands that a person discern and attain the spiritual world, get to know it, immerse in its details, become the Creator’s partner, and not just join the system and receive all the good from it on a platter.

Israel wishes to connect with this system and work with it, receiving pleasure from knowing it. As it is written, “Know thy Creator and work for Him,” and there are such desires or people who don’t aspire to knowing the Creator, although it is written that, in the end, “for they shall all know Me, from the least of them unto the greatest of them.” However, this is regular knowledge by a person simply residing in the spiritual world.

As in our world, not everyone wishes to be a scientist or researcher and enjoys learning about creation, understanding its causes and effects. There are two rungs of bestowal: to explore and get to know the Creator, or simply join the source of all good. Therefore, the souls that belong to Israel advance step by step, gradually. Naturally, they suffer while doing so since the entire attainment is founded on the previous unsatisfied need that must be cultivated.

Those who refer to the “nations of the world,” the lower rung, and who come in to take it for granted, as it seems, also must do a lot of work, but it doesn’t imply internal adhesion with the Creator as that of two partners.

Whether such a desire emerges in a person depends on the root of the soul. Heart, liver, and lungs—all the vital organs of the body—must maintain the connection with the brain that governs them in the first place, and all the rest of the flesh, comprising 90% of the body, doesn’t have such a direct connection with the brain and interacts with it through the supplementary systems.

This doesn’t mean that one desire is good and another bad, because at the end of correction (Gmar Tikkun), all souls will be absolutely equal. The difference lies only in the path to it. The strong desire is obliged to work on its path itself and uncover all the secrets of creation and the weaker ones, each in its own measure, simply attach to and support the former one. Essentially, everyone must reach the root of his soul, which signifies the end of correction.

In the spiritual world there is no inequality; this is another difference from the material world. Being in the spiritual world, a person acts based on his natural desires and cannot desire something that isn’t planted in the root of his soul.

Only in our corporeal world can I covet a neighbor’s luxurious car. However, in spirituality, I cannot desire what he does. I desire solely what is planted in my own informational genes, Reshimot.

I can gain inspiration and motivation from him but only in order to reform myself. Hence, there cannot be division into “big” and “small” there.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/9/10, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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