Between Two Intentions

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Is an intention an independent element?

Answer: An intention is what you want of the desire to receive. Today we don’t have a real intention; today we can only judge where it is better to “steal” something, where it is possible to enjoy more: from what, from whom, by what, etc. It is imprinted in our desire to receive as a result of the shattering. But we cannot consider the two options, the two intentions: in order to receive and in order to bestow. We can only calculate the greatest personal benefit we could get from the options we have. I check my desires and choose the most promising option. As far as I am concerned the question is what I can use for my own benefit and where I make a greater profit.

An intention of in order to bestow is above that. By it, I check myself with regard to others. Then my question is different: How can I serve others in order to bestow upon them as much as I can? This is a totally different calculation. How can I do that? In order to do that I have to feel the other and not myself: What is good for him? What does he want? What does he need? I have to be mutually incorporated in him since how else would it be possible to weigh all the options?

So in order to fulfill the desire to bestow, we have to constantly advance towards incorporation with others until we reach actual love. We always face a dilemma on the spiritual levels as to the two ways of clarification—we fall into the shell and we rise again to Holiness.

Today, during the time of preparation, being below the Machsom (barrier), we have not entered this level yet. We study and we play in a group, but later it will actually become a holy society for us. This is where we advance to, by advancing towards the “Exodus from Egypt“,in order to rise from an egoistic clarification to an altruistic one.

Between Two Intentions

This will be our spiritual birth. It is the same with a baby who is born and begins to breathe, to eat, and to feel his body. After the birth, the body begins to operate according to a new clarification that did not exist before—a more conscious one. We too want to move into a new clarification in our body, in our desire.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/8/13, “600,000 Souls”

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