Intention Everywhere And Always

Dr. Michael LaitmanWhen a person carries out spiritual work, he usually doesn’t feel that he is really performing it, that he is investing efforts. They somehow get lost, as if into space, into a hole, which afterwards slowly, slowly becomes filled. A person doesn’t see it, and only when his efforts reach the edge of the hole, ready to spill outwards, then he begins to feel the results of his work. Thus in filling this space, mutual support is very important.

Baal HaSulam gives a very good example, when a person enters the treasury of the King and gradually takes out a certain amount of coins, as much as they give him, and then the guards knock them from his hands, and then again he enters and again they spill them, etc. This means that constant and most serious efforts are required.

A person is not able to work in this way. He needs to see results; either the troubles push him from behind or some kind of intentions pull him, some worthy cause. And when none of this exists, he finds himself as if in space, he makes movements, but there’s no energy. And here the group needs to give him this energy. Also it isn’t important if it was correct or not correct, or if it was real; the important thing is that he will receive inspiration.

Thus the main thing in our work is to constantly discover the greatness and to show to the others that you are already there.

When a person sees that others have some kind of intention, suddenly think, suddenly show him that they exist in inner tension, then he is also forced to wake up: “What is happening with me? Where am I?” In this way he returns to the intention. Gradually these intentions connect together and give their influence, the results. Thus, there is no need to forget this, but from necessity to see it.

In this sense, women can do even more than men, since from the beginning, from their nature, they were created in order to create desire and in that to push the men to implement it. Thus they need to work together and not to forget that during all our activities.

It doesn’t matter what we do. We can add our intention to everything.
From a Meal at the Georgia Convention 11/7/12

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