General Mobilization

Dr. Michael LaitmanOnly our persistence in feeling the necessity for connection can save us. Stop playing with other things hoping that something will change with time, enough of dealing with other things. All the related activities are necessary only in order to support the main thing: understanding the need for connection.

Here there must be an unceasing collective effort until we succeed. We mustn’t run away or divert from this goal in any other direction. Whatever we do is only meant to reinforce our efforts to connect. We should feel concern that goes from heart to heart, until we succeed. There are no concessions here and the conditions are known: constant fulfillment of the Reshimot (informational genes) according to the principle “I have labored and I have found.” If we can, we overcome, and if we can’t, we don’t. It must be a clear goal before our eyes and we must all mobilize for the mission.

There are new students who don’t understand yet and do not feel total despair; there are old students who have grown too weak and have found themselves caught up by routine. But on the whole, we have to strengthen one another. The prayer can only be for connection; otherwise, it isn’t heard. If we don’t yearn for connection, for mutual bestowal, to bestow upon the Creator, then everything else is all the “potion of death.” We must clarify this thoroughly.

The main thing is the general concern. Even if I don’t actually feel the concern in my heart, I must still show it to others. Even if I don’t feel enthusiastic about the goal of creation at the moment, I must still act before others. Otherwise I must not be part of the society.

It must be the main condition: A person is in the society in order to strengthen the hearts of the friends on the way to attaining the goal by increasing the importance and the greatness of the goal. If he doesn’t do that, there is no room for him here. It is better that a few people reach the goal, since otherwise what is the use of all the millions around us if they don’t attain anything and if the spiritual force doesn’t rule the corporeal level?

So the society should demand from everyone: You either keep your obligation in strengthening the friends as to the greatness of the goal, the greatness of the connection, or you leave. Just like that.

As for beginners, the mission should also be clarified to them to the extent that they can perceive it, since other than that there is nothing.

Many years go by before a person begins to hear to some extent and to perceive the message. But we have accumulated enough experience, powers, knowledge of the sources, and exertion in order to fulfill it. What is more, the external reality demands that we do it.
From the Preparation for Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/5/12

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