Every Day Again With An Empty Cup

Dr. Michael LaitmanAll of our work is divided into small parts that we need to join together. They appear in the sequence of the Reshimot (informational genes) that are revealed, which we must realize. A man’s role is not to forget that and to try to organize his environment so that it will constantly arouse him and help him to overcome more and more severe obstacles.

One needs to understand that in every moment we execute a new action, and we never repeat the same act. Although, it can appear to us that the same problems repeat themselves, it is because in the meantime we don’t feel the new distinctions in each awakening.

But it is said that no moment resembles another. Thus we need to believe that each time we work on new properties and correct them. If with each moment we join them to the group and within the group they are directed to the Creator, to adhesion, and correction via connection, then in this we realize our Reshimot.

And all of this work is done through strengthening and clarifications, which are opposed to our feelings and mind, through constant strengthening of the environment to make it more strong, pressing, and demanding. If we always prepare for the new conditions to overcome, it will take us to the next moment, then all of these moments will connect and join together into a great amount.

All the pennies eventually add up to a great treasure. Like the Kabbalistic parable where a man enters the King’s treasury many times with a small cup, fills it with gold coins and goes out. But the guard standing at the entrance spills his cup of coins each time and leaves the man with an empty cup. Again he returns to the treasury and again the guard spills the coins that are in the cup.

This is repeated many times until he completely despairs. It is not that he despairs from the work itself, because each time he enters the treasury, he believes that it is the last attempt and that it will be successful. But simply the time allotted to him is over and it wasn’t up to him, and suddenly he was told, “All the gold that you took out and spilled, now belongs to you.” All those pennies, all the strengthening, joined into one big Masach (screen), and all the drops of Light merged into one big Light.

Thus our work is done in parts; otherwise, we wouldn’t have the strength to execute it all at once. Thus, penny by penny, it adds up to a great amount. And the main thing is the environment that constantly stands on guard and reminds us of our commitment to join all the moments into one goal.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/31/12

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