Seize Every Opportunity!

Dr. Michael LaitmanWhen I studied with Rabash, we had our meals in absolute silence. It was simply a state of silence; no one said anything to anyone, people didn’t even look at each other, but simply ate and drank in great inner tension, and it was absolutely quiet. He always demanded that and was very strict about any disturbances if someone suddenly made a noise or an interruption occurred. At that time we didn’t have many opportunities to gather, only during a lesson or a meal.

Today we have many opportunities. This may be the reason we forget the intention. It becomes such an ordinary event. We have to pay attention to the intention. Every action that is performed together, even if it is by two people, already leads to an immense outcome if it is with the right intention.

This is especially true when we gather in conventions in different places and make so many efforts to be together. So it is a pity if a minute goes by without an intention.
From a Meal at the Georgia Convention 11/7/12

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