The Purifying Fire Of Love

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Creator will not leave us alone because we have to become strong enough to lead the whole of humanity. Imagine what kind of preparation we need to go through.

So the main this is to grit your teeth despite the fact that the Creator will attempt to divide us in various ways, give us all kinds of reasons (moreover, so logical, so rational, that it needs to be done in a different way), but if this is against unity—reject it immediately! Any plans that appear to us as real and good if they tear the group apart, we should not take them into account, we should turn away from them. Our training is designed in this way on purpose because it all comes down to unity and nothing else.

That is why, you should not even listen to any other suggestions, but just check whether this leads to the unity of the group or not. There should be no fights. There needs to be even greater compression, even greater concentration, so that this compression lights a fire within. When this fire lights, it will unite all the hearts, all the desires in one common desire.

This is the so-called fire of love that burns all the impurities, all the waste, all the toxins. And what remains is only the purest of what exists in everyone’s heart. We do not even know what it is, but it remains only from the fire of love.

This fire is terrible, very harsh. If you go through it, then you reach the level when only one common desire is created in you, and in it, the group reveals the Creator.
From a Meal at the Georgia Convention 11/7/12

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