Squabbles Or Connection?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we assess the state that the group is in, and is it worthwhile to do so?

Answer: When a person is sad, angry or experiences some strong emotions, we say to him: “Relax, rise above yourself”, and so on. Meaning, we always invoke him to ascend above his emotions.

Our work in the group should all the time be based on us always ascending above our ego. We understand it, appreciate it, because it is precisely it that pushes us forward and does everything that is possible for us, so that we rise above it. Therefore, the ego is called “help against”. Meaning, all the thoughts, desires and intentions that pop inside us each moment, everything that we have internally, everything that flows within us in an unceasing current is required only so that we rise above it and “swim” above it.

When a person grasps and understands this and begins to work with it, he attains the goal very quickly. This is in the group and also personally in each one of us. Meaning, in the group we have to treat each other in this way, also towards the general state of the group, that includes all sorts of discernments and everything that is just possible.

What discernments can be in a group if we don’t rise above ourselves? Are we like scandalous neighbors in a building that begin to inquire into the relationships, or sloppy drivers that argue between them?!

We need to ascend above, to connect, and afterwards clarify what the problem is. And it could be that this is not a problem at all, but actually a special assistance that helped us connect. But without connection, it’s not a group, Kabbalistic discernment, but just a quarrel, a regular mundane condition.

Therefore, we must first and foremost connect. For this, a third person may be required, or some sort of additional conditions, but without connection we will never clarify anything. There will always be someone right and someone guilty.

I mean our group relationships, and not dissemination work, like in every enterprise there are those that understand more, managers and employees that are subordinate to them. In a group, we can solve all the problems only from the point of view of connection and unity.
When we connect together in the point of unity and hold on to it (since this is the main thing for us, and the Creator intentionally arranged everything for us so that we will attain this connection and hold on to it), then we will see what is bad, what the problem is, and not gloss over it, but try to understand its essence.

This is required only to realize that the connection solves all the problems. “Love will cover all sins.” Meaning, in principle nothing has to be corrected, because all the quarrels and oppositions are required only to rise above them and to connect. There is nothing else in them. There is no need to turn to them; you in any case won’t find the truth in them.

By the way, it’s the same thing in a family. Rise above all the problems and connect! And what happens with what was before? There was nothing, in any case you won’t be able to help. Each one of us is opposite to the other and most importantly, always different.

What is the point in you starting to inquire about something? The Creator deliberately arranged for you such conflicting new traits that cannot even be imagined. All our lives are composed of them. Everything that we see now around us is like a movie in which only all of our incompatibilities are shown to us, from which this picture of the world is composed. When you begin to ascend above, then you “swim” in a completely different plane: in unity.
From the Georgia Convention 11/06/12, Lesson 2

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