The Group Is The Ground For The Revelation Of Nature’s Secrets

At the Arava ConventionThe wisdom of Kabbalah is the method that is now being revealed for our realization, to understand the united system of the universe’s structure, governance, and program, which will help us overcome all problems and misfortunes. Nature’s program influences us purposely in such a way that we will adopt and realize all of the volume we are in. This is the very reason why we study the wisdom of Kabbalah. Basically, nature has been pushing us toward this state for many millions of years.

Although we do not feel yet this volume of the universe, today we have the materials that tell us about it and the groups inside of which we can begin this realization. Inside a group, we can build a certain similarity to the universe, a micro-cosmos.

If we unite with each other in such a way that inside of us, inside our unity, there would be forces of interaction above our egoism, then gradually, we will be able to come to a state where we will create a distinctive testing area, a place like in a research laboratory. Studying ourselves and our connection with others, derived from the correct actions between us, we will begin to feel the manifestation of the upper force and gradually reveal it in this laboratory, in this connection between us.

We will discover it in the same way as physicists discovered the secrets of nature with the help of huge devices, instruments, and accelerators. It is only that this accelerator, this instrument, must be us, our unity, our group, where we create the conditions for the upper force to manifest and from the concealed state become revealed.

Basically, this is what we are doing, and we are pioneers in it. The rest of the world feels that something must happen to them, that they should come to something, that they are facing something that does not have a rational solution in our usual qualities, instruments.

Today, we cannot solve any world problem or even a particular, personal problem. This is how much the problems are all interconnected on one hand. But on the other, they are not solvable on our earthly level.

That is why it is so important for us to adopt the wisdom of Kabbalah more quickly, to realize it in separate groups and in our common group in order to reveal the upper force, to begin clearly interacting with it and “pushing” this methodology into the world. Then, we will know how to introduce it better, to present it, and to reveal it to the world so that it will not simply be without any proof.

We feel and understand somewhat how to do this because we have a particular, internal predisposition for it. We have already developed it. We have been born with such a predisposition, with a point in the heart. The rest of humanity does not have it. That is why we need to demonstrate the method of Kabbalah to it on its level.

Only then will we be able to carry the entire world with us, otherwise there will be a dramatic path of searching. That is why our aspiration toward unity is the practical application of our study.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of the Integral Society” 2/5/12

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