In Addition To The Right Words There Must Be The Right Intentions

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Today the issue of cancelling grades is becoming relevant and there is much talk about it because people understand that grades cause harm and make our kids technocrats.

Answer: Like in any crisis, the damage is evident, but no one knows how to correct the situation. Eventually, one damage will be covered by another: Grades will be cancelled, but new frameworks will be built and then we won’t even have what we had before. Currently, if we consider the lack of understanding of the real reasons for what is going on, more is not necessarily better. All these additions are not adapted to nature. If we just give more freedom to kids, it will not add anything. Without integral learning, that is adapted to nature, no good will come out of these changes.

Question: But the experts are right, they say that we’ve changed and the world is now mutually connected, and we should work in groups, cooperate, develop children’s creativity, their creative thinking, their ability to study and research things, and to develop the human being in them; how is that different?

Answer: In Kabbalistic terms this is called a “shell.” It means that it is impurity. Experts are suggesting that we use the potential of becoming equal to the Creator in order to gain personally. The moment they approach this, they will encounter many crises that will be worse than the pervious situation. Such tendencies can be compared to “the connection of the evil” that is bad for them and bad for the world.

If the goal is not the union with the Creator, then the result will be the same as in Russia, where the attempts to reach unity led to the opposite results. Eventually, this will also bring us to the desired solution, but it will be a long and difficult road. They can try new ways, cancel exams and have kids sit in a circle, but one way or the other if they don’t get a teaching kit from us but act according to their egoistic understanding with no connection to the Creator, the results will be negative. Eventually such criminals will come out of schools that compared to them, today’s graduates will seem like angels.

The whole idea is using the Godly principle, the spiritual principle for personal benefit. If we bring the world our method, it will be totally different. Then the Rambam’s principle, according to which we should develop the “women and children” gradually until they acquire knowledge, will be enacted because the right method will lead them forward. But if they decide to use their own forces, they are expected to fail after a while.

It is true that experts have begun to penetrate the essence of the problem lately and to express wonderful ideas. But there is no choice: If people don’t have the right intention, then they are all doomed.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/19/12, The Study of the Ten Sefirot

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