Roaring Silence

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How should we prepare ourselves for the quiet internal convention that we decided to have so that thanks to this silence and inner concentration we will reach maximum spiritual advancement and rise to a new level?

Answer: After the great successful convention that we had, after three days of an incredible uplifting spiritual experience from this stirring and delightful festival, we should also understand that the main part of our work is done internally. Of course, there was also internal work in the convention, but actually this kind of work doesn’t require any external movement.

Our millions of friends who study with us and are tied to us in their heart and soul don’t have to travel anywhere either. We have to do our internal work that is aimed more internally, connects one heart to another, one brain to another, and ties us together most deeply. Therefore, we need to be silent at times, to withdraw into ourselves, and to try to connect there. This kind of work requires great efforts, more significant than those needed for jumping and dancing. It’s very hard work that requires the greatest inner effort.

We have to make an effort so that everyone together will feel this silent connection. Kabbalists say that in order to reach the state of “Hear Oh Israel” (which is a very high level, from GAR de Zeir Anpin and above), they prepared for two hours in the corporeal world, sitting quietly and preparing the desired intention.

The meals at my teacher’s were also in absolute silence. It was forbidden to speak with the person next to you. We ate the simple food that was there, drank, and kept quiet. After half an hour Rabash spoke for a few minutes, and it was all over.

Many actions took place in silence, in keeping quiet. Sometimes someone sang and the others were quiet. On Friday evening we had a meal for an hour and a half and didn’t even eat there because we were already full. Every person received a small apple, a glass of malt beer, and a tiny piece of black bread so that everyone could bless together. Thus two hours went by without any movement or words.

Sometimes, in the lesson or during a meal, Rabash would say “Let’s think!” and he would close his eyes and lower his head, as if he were asleep for about 40 minutes.

The point is that we have to do a lot of internal work. After a lesson we go out into the world and enter its turbulences, flying with its hurricanes that throw us from one state to another. A person has no chance to stop and think, to be with himself, to internalize what he has heard, to put things in the right places, and to do some soul searching. We come to such clarifications only rarely, at tragic moments.

So I think that we have to be silent. But in order to do that we must be prepared for the inner connection so that inside we’ll feel a powerful force, a cry, singing and dancing, all our studying. It shouldn’t be just silence, but a roaring silence!
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/21/2011, “Introduction to TES

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  1. I recently heard there may be a convention in Miami or New York. Where can I go to get more information on the Conventions? Myself and 2 friends would like to attend.

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