Drawing Closer Through A Logarithmic Progression

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe power of our connection with each other must be such as to be called bestowal, connection for the sake of bestowal, mutual guarantee. And then our common vessel will be a hundred to a thousand times greater than our own cumulative abilities. If every person out a thousand wants one gram, then by connecting they create a desire hundreds of millions times greater, instead of one that just equals a thousand grams.

This is because when every person connects with everyone else, he acquires the power of the entire group by connecting to it. Then he takes this entire inclusion and once again connects with the group where everyone is already included in everyone else, and this is why he increases his power multi-fold. And everyone does the same and increases himself multi-fold by including everyone within him. This is how this progression grows: squared, the fourth, sixteenth degree, and so on.

This is the only way to achieve spiritual fulfillment and not through regular addition. When we connect under the conditions of mutual guarantee, we attain a vessel so powerful that it is able to reveal the Light before it. There will already be a similarity between the vessel and the Light.

Otherwise, the vessel is very weak and it’s unable to reveal the Light because they do not correspond to one another. It’s just as if you were to walk into a bank to ask for money, and they were to tell you: “Sure, we have a million dollars to give you, but provide us with a back up, a guarantee!”

And if I don’t have a back up or a guarantee, I will not receive anything. This is the entire essence of the spiritual vessel (Kli). Spirituality differs from corporeality in the power of the connection, mutual loyalty, which can be achieved through the upper Light (the force of connection between us) that makes us suitable to receive at least the first, smallest portion of the Light.

And then we increasingly need to continue growing the power of our connection. This is how a spiritual vessel is built, which is the only thing that we lack. The upper Light exists in the state of absolute rest—only the desire is lacking.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/21/2011, Writings of Rabash

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