An Argument Between Two Desires

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Is the point in the heart connected to our corporeal body?

Answer: The body is controlled by desire. Sometimes I lie powerless, asleep, unable to force myself to move. At the same time, I am physically healthy, my blood pressure, my blood sugar level, my heart, lungs, everything is just fine, so why can’t I move? Because I have no desire. I don’t want anything, and it is a kind of melancholy feeling. Sometimes, even if I have a high temperature and I feel dizzy, I run around madly all day in order to solve a certain problem.

The desire leads the flesh into action. This means that we turn to the wisdom of Kabbalah and come to the lesson not with our body but with our desire.

The body is just an “animal” that we bring with us. The dog lies on the carpet near the chair of his owner, and so I settle my body on a chair. I, however, am the desire. The way I work with myself, the way I “format” myself” is how I operate my body. It is merely a “biological machine,” and if it is given enough motivation, then even with a high temperature it will advance towards the goal together with me.

In any case, the desire decides and determines what to do, while the body carries out the order. So first and foremost worry about the desire and not the body.

Besides, you can penetrate more deeply and work with the point in the heart above the desire and above the body. By that you work “against” them and the point determines all your actions by choosing what is most important.

An Argument Between Two Desires
Thus the desire and the point in the heart constantly argue inside you. The argument stems from the fact that the point is another desire, the yearning for the Creator. Eventually, there is a constant struggle between them, but the body does not “intervene.” It acts according to the desire of the winning side, either the desire of the heart or of the point in the heart…

This point has already awoken in some people, and in others it is still asleep in the depths of the corporeal ego. Being in the center of the heart (•), it has to “emerge” and rise above the heart. Just like the worm, in the example Baal HaSulam gives, has to come out of the radish. The time of preparation lasts for thousands of years on the levels of the “nations of the world,” until the point rises by the sufferings. At the end of the ascent the real work with it begins, and at this point people come to us, to Bnei Baruch (BB).

As for the “nations of the world,” these are simply stages along the way. Everyone belongs to the general system, but today we are given the chance to advance consciously. This is what the Light that Reforms has done (the Surrounding Light). Why? We don’t know, but in general, the process takes place according to the order to the emergence of the Reshimot (spiritual genes).

During the shattering, the high Reshimot fell to the lowest place. Now the awakening is starting and here everything depends on which Reshimo a person belongs to, on the root of his soul. Then he will discover this root and will know all the details of his path. In any case, it does not depend on anyone personally. Everyone is operated and has to perform his role.

An Argument Between Two Desires
Question: Sometimes I perceive myself as superior to those who have not been “awakened” yet…

Answer: This is because the Light has not operated on you sufficiently. You are still judging by your ego. In fact, you will not be able to feel superior to any one else, not even an ant. On the contrary, you will feel the Creator in everything. He is behind a certain person or another, He is before you and you cannot have any complaints or disrespect regarding anyone. Even in the greatest enemies who cause the greatest troubles and threaten the nation and the state, you will only see the Creator; they force you to wake up and to correct the connection with Him above the current obstacle. It is He who has placed the obstacle before you, and the intensity of the interruption indicates how strongly you can be connected to Him.

Therefore it says: “Even if a sharp sword is placed on one’s neck, he shouldn’t despair of mercy.”
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/8/13, “600,000 Souls”

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