Analysis And Synthesis Of The World Soul

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How is it possible to identify evil and develop hatred towards it?

Answer: It is impossible to identify evil if you are not found in a group, in the point of connection, in some form of connection. We need to constantly adhere to this form of connection and to go deeper into it, clarify, investigate, learn about, test, and to try to penetrate into its inner essence.

Within our connection I discover the inner spiritual system. When the separated parts begin to connect correctly, then within them is discovered the spiritual structure that is constructed from two forces that are opposed but complementary. So I am already building the connection within myself, and with this I assemble my soul, sticking the Kli together. All of its parts are a desire to receive, but they are connected between them in order to complete each other, that is, for the purpose of bestowal.

To the degree that I enter and deepen this clarification, both in the analysis and in the synthesis of this structure, which is composed of opposing parts, with this I clarify everything there and find all the answers. Therefore, we need to be aimed constantly towards connection in the interior of each and every person, to try to see them connected together; this is called my yearning to discover the spiritual world. For all of humanity are connected within it, only we don’t identify this.

This yearning to identify this connection, to be found in it, live within it, and to feel it is called my yearning for the Creator. For the force that connects all the parts inside is the higher power.

Within our connection I discover that “There is none else besides Him.” I don’t just connect all of our parts together by assembling the puzzle of the collective soul; rather, I try to discover the Creator in it. He is the one who scatters all of creation into parts so that I will assemble them again back into one picture and will see it. Within the puzzle that I assemble, I build the image of the Creator.

In conventional puzzles trees, grass, and the sun are pictured, and in this puzzle, the Creator. If I reach the Light of Hassadim, then with its help I am ready to connect and assemble this puzzle. Its parts will no longer be opposed and will not reject each other. And when I begin to work with reception in order to bestow, then these parts will be ready to adhere to each other like the pieces of a magnet.

And from the mutual cooperation of these parts, their relationships “for” and “against” connection, I construct the form of the Creator. It is possible to construct it only in this way. It is impossible to discover Him only through one positive force of bestowal that nothing is acting against. Therefore, only through the shattering are we able to reveal the Creator.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/26/13, Question and Answer with Dr. Laitman

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