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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the most reliable sense that guides a person to the right goal of life?

Answer: When one understands clearly and accurately that it is only in this life and not after the body is dead that one attains the ascent to the spiritual world and can enter the spiritual world, in one’s yearning for connection and unity (for adhesion, love, and bestowal) with the friends in the group and not anywhere else, this means a person is locked on the target, on the center.

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  1. Outside of clear obvious sin such as murder what criteria determines what sin is greater then another? Hashem understands our nature is that to not be perfect . We are human , we do not survive on instinct , but we also sin on a daily basis .. This is part of the human experience..perfection is impossible.. I believe as long as we do our best to spread respect, love, kindness, Mitzvahs, and daily conversations with our creator we are in line with our inner conscious which I would equate to the soul.. Hashem is loving, kind and forgiving.. It has been proven to me over and over again.. I have never been burdened with more then I can’t handle…

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