We Are At The Beginning Of The Transition Period

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Giulietto Chiesa, Italian journalist and politician, former member of the European Parliament): “We are at the beginning of the transition period, which has no precedent in history. The history of the last three centuries comes to an end. Today it is clear that all the planet’s resources are almost exhausted. Therefore, all our realities, all of what we are used to will change; the civilization of money will end.

“It is really a global crisis. We have changed the course of nature.

“It is necessary to realize that the old democracy is dying; half of the population does not go to the polls; we need to create a new movement from below under the banner of self-restraint, to change ourselves and our lifestyle.

“But even those who could limit himself do not think about this because we are manipulated. People are turned into instruments of purchase. The brains of the majority are controlled. We live for the market; it dictates our actions to us. We are not free people. The media are silent about this, but they tell us what we should buy, that our scale of values is purchasing power. The media exists because of advertising and that is why they have to be nationalized. It is also necessary to nationalize all the banks that issue money; otherwise we lose control over money.”

My Comment: Everything is correct, except for one: no changes can be done without integral education because people do not believe in the possibility of change. We have to show them by what means you are going to change society. Otherwise the worsening of the crisis will lead to world war.

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