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Dr. Michael LaitmanWe don’t know what bestowal is because our nature is a desire to receive. But with the help of particular activities, it’s possible to awaken the desire to bestow within us, which is found in us but hidden. For this, I must connect with the group and follow the advice of the Kabbalists, meaning, people who have already gone along this way successfully.

Therefore, we are building a group like this, connected around the idea of discovering the characteristic of bestowal in addition to the natural characteristic of reception that dominates us. Each one nullifies himself before the greatness of the goal which we must attain. And if all of us together try to discover the characteristic of bestowal that is latent within us, then this will happen. Through our efforts, we discover this characteristic from the concealment, awaken it within us, and obligate it to be revealed.

In order to succeed, we require only the right deficiency, yearnings that are directed towards discovering the characteristic of bestowal among us. It cannot be discovered within one person, for it’s up to him to bestow to someone. Even reception on a slightly higher level than simple beastly fulfillment is in relationships with another person from whom we want to receive and enjoy. But when speaking about bestowal, then this is only discovered between us; therefore, it cannot be revealed in one person.

The shared work for the purpose of discovering bestowal between us is called the organization of a group of Kabbalists. In particular, our group is called Bnei Baruch because we follow the method of my teacher Baruch Ashlag who wrote unique articles about the general rules of constructing a group of Kabbalists. The group is a means for discovery of the characteristic of bestowal.

When we reach a strong deficiency for this characteristic and discover it, then we begin to understand that it belongs to the higher force that is found above the force of reception that was always in us. We see that the new force that is revealed for us is the first force in reality that controls and determines, in contrast with the second force, the force of reception.

More correctly, it doesn’t just control; rather, it created the desire for pleasure in us and therefore we call it the Creator. When we discover it, we call it by various names: divinity, gracious, most merciful, patient, kind, generous, and so forth. “From your deeds we will know you”; we clarify how it makes various changes in us and in accord with this we give it different names. This is called the “revelation of the Creator to the creatures.”

We see that we are constantly changed thanks to our discoveries; that is, this power “creates” us anew all the time. We feel like a computer that is always upgrading its software and so it becomes more and more intelligent, sensitive, discovering more and more data. We discover that this power always acted for our benefit, both in the present and in all the events that have already happened. Since the beginning of creation it has passed us through various states called “incarnations.”

Every realization of a Reshimo that is changed every moment is called an “incarnation.” In the end we discover that all of the incarnations though which we have passed were for our benefit, and therefore we decide that the force of bestowal is the force of the good and beneficent Creator.

The main thing is to reach the right deficiency, a burning need to discover this force. To the degree of the sorrow, as a result of the lack of discovery, we acquire the readiness to accept the control of the higher force. We must accumulate the necessary degree of energy called a “Seah” in order to leap each time to a new level and discover the force of bestowal.

It’s like in a restaurant, where every dish has a certain price. Until I pay in full, I will not get it. That is exactly what happens with the “portions” of spiritual discovery that are composed of “ten Sefirot.” Every portion contains ten Sefirot, no less and no more, like a “business lunch” that includes everything, beginning from the salad to the dessert at the end of the meal. And it’s up to us to discover the deficiency, the “appetite,” for all ten Sefirot. This is called a “Seah.”

The deficiency depends only on the group. If we work correctly, each one for the group and the group for each one, then we easily reach the required deficiency. Everything depends upon us, there are no tricks. The Kabbalists wrote a multitude of articles about this for us; they left a multitude of material that explains how to increase our yearning for discovery of the Light, the power of bestowal, that is, to awaken the appetite for spirituality in us.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/22/13, Writings of Rabash

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