The Welding Point Of The Souls

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe only thing we can ask for is connection, the welding points between two parts. This is the only thing we speak about, and it is only with regard to this issue that there are problems and wars. This welding point between two components is crucial to the condition of the world, and the entire struggle and the development of our reality take place in that point.

Even if I ask for myself, it isn’t for my personal benefit, but for being adhered to others. The world is whole. Everything in it is perfect, except for one corrupt vessel. There was a vessel and it was shattered. We can ask only for the correction of this vessel, and there is nothing else for which we can ask. However, you are asking for many other things.

Yet, you are told, “It isn’t true, you are wrong! Everything is fine. What aren’t you happy about? You need only one thing: to correct this vessel. If you correct it and put the vessel together again into one whole vessel, you will find great pleasures in it: delicious food, knowledge, feelings, warmth, health, whatever you want. You only need to correct this vessel, to put it back together.”

However, you are saying, “No, I want something pleasant and tasty,” and the answer you get is that this will happen the moment you put the vessel together and when it is whole again. The moment you put all its parts back together, you will discover all the pleasures in it. Yet, we are asking for everything we want, except that! It isn’t only your problem but the problem of every person in the world. People don’t understand that this is the only way to reach correction; it’s only through correction.

All the religions, beliefs, problems, and wars are only about this one issue: to connect or not to connect. We were given a means that allows us to reach connection and to solve all the problems in the world and overcome the hatred. The moment we begin to connect, all of nature also begins to connect: all the levels of the still, vegetative, and animate nature. The wolf and the lamb will live together in harmony and will obey the small child, as it says in Prophets.

Everything depends only on our desire to bring about and attain connection. We will be able to correct all of reality, our whole life, by such changes that apparently have nothing to do with our problems. It all depends on our connection. We only need to ask to be connected, welded, so that the good force will dominate us. We turn to the good force (to the Creator, to the attribute of love and bestowal) so that He will correct and fill us.

There is nothing but the point of unity, the drop of unity. This entire world that is before me now is the revelation of all the phenomena that are opposite from unity. It is for this reason that I see the stars, the earth, people, and all the phenomena that are external to the framework of unity. It is for this reason that these phenomena are called this world.

So, what should I think about: about this world or about unity? If I just worry and think about this world, then I will remain in the lie in which I have been living. So, I constantly play this game, spinning on the carousel of life. However, if I want to leave this fixed game and refuse to be a mere puppet in it, I need to think only about unity.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/25/13, Writings of Rabash

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