A Push Toward Unity

laitman_938_02Question: Our sick friend became the reason for connecting and consolidating the world group. Can we initiate and create points like these in ourselves, not derived from someone’s illness, but from our goal, from something good?

Answer: Certainly, we must gather all our problems on the way toward the goal, everything that disturbs our connection, or vice versa, everything that can be used as a push, drive, and incentive toward our unity.

However, on the other hand, the Creator gives us new conditions for every one of our steps toward the Light. So, what will be, will be. We must take all this into account.

However, for now, the Creator specifically chose a sick friend so that we would carry out a mass action of connection for him. For this, we must respect, love, appreciate, and take care of him, for he now has become a means for our advancement.

However, even without this incident, in any case, we should search for other methods of advancement. Generally, we find them in dissemination because within the group itself there is no particularly sharp push or incentive for connection and unity. However, when we are engaged in dissemination, as a general rule we begin to get all kinds of problems that help us unite together to solve them.

Question: When the activity in Sochi was arranged, we all were involved in dissemination there. Now, we aren’t doing activities like these, so, apparently as a counterweight, our friend became ill.

If we plan an activity like this again and begin to be involved with it, then all attention will be directed there. Could it be that the Creator will stimulate us to advance only in a good way then, through dissemination?

Answer: First, I don’t put any conditions on the Creator, and I don’t determine my actions according to what will be or won’t be. None of this is my problem. I am not responsible for this mechanism. It is necessary to do everything to move the system toward correction maximally and most efficiently. This is possible only through dissemination of the method of integral education and knowledge.

Give a general shout into the entire space of Russian speakers that you first are going out for one dissemination activity, then another, and so on. To the degree possible, make a general program that will be accepted in all regions because all of the groups are on different levels of development. However, you can do this and be in constant communication and connection among yourselves.

In fact, the action in Sochi united a circle that was not large. It was a good idea, but how many people were there in comparison to all of the groups? They sat in one place and cooked by themselves as in a big pot, and now it is necessary for something else to appear from all of this cooking and from the Saint Petersburg convention.

You must begin to act in wider circles and not continue with actions on ourselves. I think no one would prohibit actions like these. It is possible to try to arrange them under a pleasant slogan about the unity of all of humanity, a call for mutual understanding and the like.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/8/14, Writings of Rabash

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