A Drive For Correction Of The Network

laitman_281_02Question: Our sick friend becomes a trigger so that we will unite in a connected network of webs. What can become a trigger like this in everyday life when we are immersed in learning and even in active dissemination, this all gradually becomes routine?

Answer: We must be connected between us all the time and understand that it is specifically through this that we feel the web of connection. Our points that are found in the connections of this system are compulsory only so that we can nullify ourselves for the sake of the entire network of webs, for the sake of our unity.

This is because the web is the characteristic of bestowal, and the connections (the small intersections) we are in are our egoistic spheres. So, all of the work is directed outside of us, which means that it is realized in the webs themselves.

How can we awaken ourselves? As a general rule, the most fruitful and useful means is dissemination. You then invite uncorrected and completely new desires upon yourself and try to work for their sake.

Imagine that when you are in these webs, you are linked with a few more “links” that are working incorrectly, swallowing energy, without giving it to others, are in confused states. You try to take their desires and intentions, and somehow adjust, correct, and help them approach the awareness of their mission.

With this, you are carrying out useful work for the entire system. Through your participation, you apparently balance the incorrect work of the rest of the parts and create additional links between you and between those people whom you connected to yourself.

So, I always say that our dissemination is the greatest drive and incentive for correction of the network.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/8/14, Shamati #5

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