The Sinking Of The Consumerist Society

Dr. Michael LaitmanIt was only about 100 to 150 years ago that the upper classes of society began to eradicate ignorance at a time when most people were illiterate. Why did they do that? The elite needed manpower, so they taught the simple folks and brought them to a level where they could use them.

At first it was enough for them to know how to read and write and then also read drawings etc. Schools emerged in the form of a general education system that included elementary schools, high schools, and institutions of higher education.

This meant that influential people were interested in creating a middle class. They believed that educated people understand the benefit of the upper class and the latter could count on them. They could give the upper class advice and carry out their orders while they managed them from above. The middle class could convey tasks to the workers and to the simple folks in a language that they could understand.

That period is coming to an end because the world no longer needs anything that is redundant. We don’t know why this is happening this way, but it stems from human nature. We once logically thought that the desire to make more money, buy more, and become more successful was limitless. But suddenly we see that the consumerist society balloon is losing air. Therefore, if people who manage the media can do anything, it is only in order to lead a new global approach.

The upper classes today not only need people whom they have taught how to read and write and learn sciences and who can help them double their assets, but this elite class and the media they own that serves their interests, need to know that it is actually the integral education of all mankind that will be beneficial for them.

If the world is actually closed, round, and integral, everyone should participate in it correctly. Modern man should know the reason for which he is living, what his nature is, what the nature of the whole world and of all of humanity in which he exists is. He also needs to know according to which laws he lives, how these laws affect him, and how he has to affect them.

Just as we invested time in teaching hundreds of thousands of farmers to read and write during the industrial and technological era, we must take care that all are fed, clothed, and provided with integral education.

These are the three essential things a person needs, including health care, of course. I would get rid of everything else since anything that doesn’t stem from the right connection that leads to harmony with nature, undoubtedly leads us to a downfall.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 10/2/14

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