How Can We Stop Being Slaves of the Advertisement Industry?

How Can We Stop Being Slaves of the Advertisement Industry?The advertisement industry determines our entire life. Baal HaSulam writes in the article“The Freedom” that we are always being influenced by our society – whether it’s our family, our relatives, our coworkers, the radio, the television, or countless other things. This is especially true for children, who are influenced by their school, the kids in their classes, the material being taught to them, and so on. Our entire lives are spent carrying out what society wants from us.

How can a person become free from “foreign” desires? How can a person stop turning others’ desires into his own? How can a person stop being a robot, a slave, or a zombie whose entire life is spent satisfying other people’s desires, and working so that someone else can make a buck? In fact, there is only one solution – to rise above egoism.

Our egoism is what gets impressed by advertisements, turning us into mindless servants who carry out others’ desires. When the person recognizes the trap that egoism and society have set for him, he then discovers the need to exit egoism. And then he reveals Kabbalah.

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